Teflon Seals

VERTEC Teflon Seals

Material Features

  • Virtually unlimited chemical compatability
  • Minimal break-away and running friction
  • Self lubricating, dry running
  • Kind to soft dynamic surfaces
  • Minimal temperature increase from friction

VERTEC Teflon Seals - For Rotary Motion


  • 5 Standard part Geometrys
  • Fluorocarbon O-Ring static seal on O.D.
  • Standard cross section range .200-.750
  • Size range from .125" - 4.00" shafts


  • Shaft speeds up to 6000fpm
  • Rotary motion only
  • Pressures from vacuum to 200psi
  • Pressure/velocity combination 250,000(psi ft/min)
  • Temperatures range from -100 to 500F*

VERTEC Teflon Seals - For Reciprocating Motion


  • Standard cross sections
  • Shaft size range .125" - 16.00"
  • 4 Standard part geometry's
  • Stainless cantilever beam finger springs


  • Rotary motion up to 300fpm
  • Static applications
  • Temperature ranges from cryogenic to 600F*
  • Radial and face seal geometry's
  • Pressures from vacuum to 20,000+ psi

Teflon Material Selection

Material CodeDescriptionSurface HardnessColor

Graphite Filled PTFE, offers low wear, low coefficient of friction, A superior material for dynamic applications.

Rockwell B 76Black

Mineral filled PTFE, FDA APPROVED Used in both static and dynamic applications.

Rockwell B 76Off White

Virgin PTFE, Used in static and very slow dynamic applications. Very good cryogenic capabilities and is FDA APPROVED.

Rockwell B 76White

Fiberglass and Molybdenum Disulfide filled PTFE, Used in static and dynamic pressurized applications for superior seal life.

Rockwell C 41Gray Black

Proprietary FDA APPROVED filled PTFE, Approved for dairy contact, offers superior wear characteristics that exceed other materials. Used in dynamic food and drug processing applications.

Rockwell B 76Black

Fiberglass filled PTFE, has added strength for applications with high temperature and pressure combinations. Also used in high pressure applications for its extrusion resistance.

Rockwell C 41Off White

Carbon-Graphite filled PTFE, used in sealing abrasive media such as dust, sand, or water. Excellent for harsh atmospheric conditions, can be used on soft mating materials.

Rockwell B 76Black

Polymide filled PTFE, offers low wear and superior low friction properties, kind to softer mating surfaces, excellent for dynamic non-lubricated applications.

Rockwell B 76Gold

Proprietary filled PTFE, offers low wear and exceptional thermal stability. Used in larger diameters where bore retention is critical. Should be considered for reciprocating and slow rotary movement.

Rockwell C 50Gray Black