P: 303.373.1446F: 303.373.1559


P: 802.223.0197F: 802.223.0199


P: 843.717.2722F: 843.717.2727


Use a Strike Plate to assure seal is driven into housing evenly.

Simply pounding the seal into the housing bore will easily deform the seal.

Minimum diameter .20-.40mm larger then seal O.D.

Proper installation tools are necessary to assure uniform insertion into housing bore.

If the seal does not insert evenly from the chamfer cocking will occur.

Minimum diameter .20-.40mm larger then seal O.D.
Maximum diameter .02-.04 less then bore Diameter.

When installing the seal backwards make sure your tools hit the front face, NEVER the diaphragm.

The photo above depicts an installation tool hitting the diaphragm. This will deform the seal.

Correct tool size and even installation pressure will assure proper fit and increase seal life.

Improper installation tool size will make your seal inoperable due to deformation.